Mini New Years Resoloutions

This year I decided to boycott the cliche repeated New Years Resolutions. You know what I’m talking about: Loose 10 pounds! Go to the gym 6 days a week! Eat better! No more dairy its the devil! Stop being an asshole! Travel the world! 

Those things are great in retrospect however very rarely do I actually stick to them. This means by the time another New Year’s roles around I’m left feeling like my ability to commit and stick with something is similar to that of every male 20-something.

Instead when the clock struck 12 I came up with 20 totally attainable mini resolutions to accomplish in 2016.

  1. Take out your contacts every single night no matter how lazy or intoxicated you may be. If you too struggle with this one I advise you read this article.
  2. Cuddle with your dog more often.
  3. Stop worrying so much. It really isn’t doing you any good.
  4. Chew only half a pack of gum in a day instead of the full thing. Or better yet ditch the gum addiction all together.
  5. Don’t go out if you don’t want to. You’re probably not missing out on much.
  6. On the other hand do go out when you do want to. You only live once.
  7. Spend more time with your sister because you’re stuck with her forever and she’s also pretty fun to hangout with.
  8. Laugh at other peoples jokes even when they aren’t that funny. They’ll appreciate it.
  9. Stay present.
  10. Embrace your passions no matter what people think.
  11. Put your shoes in the closet.
  12. Properly close the lids on the things you open. This includes hair products, foundation, sour cream and milk.
  13. Respect your body like you respect your elders. Give it ice cream and chocolate but also give it vegetables and exercise.
  14. Get your eyebrows waxed more then every six months. Remember thick eyebrows are a blessing and a curse and behave optimally when waxed every 2 months.
  15. Take Justin Bieber’s advice and love yourself without conditions. Also love others too.
  16. Put gas in your car RIGHT when the gas light goes on. Don’t wait until its 6 am and you’ve got to pull over and call your dad to bring a jerry-can because you literally ran out of gas.
  17. Sing in the shower because its fun.
  18. Get your oil changed when your sticker suggests instead of waiting until your already 4000km past and your oil is dangerously low. You will feel a lot less judged by the mechanics if you stick with this one.
  19. Change the toilet paper roll when you run out instead of waiting until someone else does.
  20. Smile.