Take A Day of Rest

When I was a kid I used to love having the flu.

A stuffed nose, sore throat and fever meant I got to have a sick day from school – it was like an extra weekend! I got to sleep in, lay around in my pyjamas, watch TV, had no homework and my mom felt bad for me so she would bring me soup and tea all day. Don’t tell my mom this but there also might have been a few days where I wasn’t actually sick and just wanted an excuse to have a sick day.

However now that I am older and my list of responsibilities have gotten longer  – I despise being sick. I am often guilty of going to school or work despite the fact my nose is runnier then a faucet and I have a fever of 102. Which then leads to me either a. getting sicker or b. being sick for much longer then I should be.

This past week I caught the flu. At first I was in denial:  my sore throat was simply a scratch, my runny nose was because it was cold outside and I was just hot I didn’t have a fever! Then it got worse and I could barley sleep at night because of my aching muscles and coughing fits. Reality set in and I accepted the fact I was sick.

So yesterday I decided to do something I hadn’t allowed myself to do in a while: I took a sick day. And you know what? I challenge you to take a sick day. Or at least a day of rest because you deserve it.

Lay around in your pyjamas all day.

DSC00132 (1)

Drink an endless amount of tea.

DSC00138 (1)

Read by the fire.

DSC00147 (1)

DSC00143 (1)

Colour in your adult colouring book.

Light a candle. (And then realize you can’t smell anything so the candle was kind of pointless).

DSC00142 (1)

Cuddle with your dog.

DSC00131 (1)

Take a bath.

Put on a detoxifying face mask (because your sick and  lets be real you haven’t washed your face in a few days).

DSC00119 (1)

Catch up on the Bachelor.

Order takeout.

Paint your nails.

These days I feel like everyone puts way to much pressure on themselves to be constantly “go,go,go” and that is just not healthy. You are not lazy or unmotivated because you want to have a day to relax.

Especially when you’re sick.

Let go of your responsibilities and rest without guilt. Even if its just for a day. I guarantee you’ll feel a million times better.


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