The Year of Acceptance

Self acceptance has been something I have struggled with since I can remember. As a result of this characteristic I have had anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. 

However in 2016 I am resolving to accept and love myself and others unconditionally. 

I am resolving to stop living with fear. This includes the fear of judgment, failure and rejection. 

I am resolving to start doing things for myself because I want to and not because I feel as though I need to in order to gain the acceptance of others. 

I am resolving to simply be myself – and stop trying to change both my physical and emotional traits to please others. 

I am going to accept my small boobs, round face, the lower bulge of my stomach, my thick curly hair and my loyal under-eye circles. 

I am going to accept the fact that I love to read, travel and dip pickles in peanut butter (shout out Hannah Montana for that one) even though some people think that’s weird. 

In 2016 I resolve to stop underestimating these qualities that make me unique. I resolve to be brave enough to be myself because I am pretty great just the way I am.