Seven Minutes, Seven Products.

I have two makeup personas.

Either I want to use everything but the kitchen sink on my face and take a considerable amount of time to do it – OR – I’ve hit the snooze button one too many times and want to use the least amount of products/time possible.

Basically I’m either Kylie Jenner  or Brodie Jenner. Ha.

This particular morning I had a to-do list longer then Rapunzels hair so I decided to go the easy route and do my more everyday makeup. Here are the products I used and what I did to achieve this look!

Begin with a bare cleansed face.


Next assemble your troops.


Face: Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream in Light-mediumMAC Full Coverage Foundation in W20 Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Powder in 110 Rimmel SunShimmer Maxi Bronzer in Sun Queen

Eyes: Benefit instant Brow in deep Benefit They’re Real! Mascara.

Lips: Almay Liquid Lip Balm in Just Plum Good.

Now put them to work.

Step one: Apply a small amount of BB cream all over your face beginning at your nose and layering as needed using your fingers to blend.

Step two: Cover your loyal under-eye circles, acne/acne scars and eyelids  using the MAC full coverage foundation. FYI this is my absolute FAVE concealer like ever.

Step three: Set everything with powder focusing on your T-zone.

Step four: Sweep bronzer on to the hollows of your cheeks.

Step five: Using the same bronzer, take your index finger and apply it all over your lid.

Step six: Fill in your brows and then using the same brow product line the lower/inner rim of your eyes for more depth and dimension.

Step seven: Put on a couple coats of mascara.

Step eight: Finally apply the gloss to complete your look!



and there ya have it! From drab to FAB in seven minutes or less. Take that snooze button.



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